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Sparkling Wines for NYE

Sparkling Wines for NYE

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, so it’s time to start popping them bottles. Get out those champagne glasses and get ready to say goodbye to this sad excuse of a year. This year has taken so much from us (RIP Professor Snape & Princess Leia) so please allow yourself to drown in some bubbly. OH. And I’m not talking about champagne. Champagne is SO 2016. Check out our favorite proseccos and cavas!


Borgo del Col Alto Prosecco Frizzante

Crisp and delicate with fruity notes of banana and apple and notes of acacia flowers. Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body. Harmonic with a pleasant dry aftertaste.

Cape Cod Bay Prosecco

Refined and vivacious with a fruity bouquet, this sparkling wine has flavors of pear and yellow apple, with a clean, bright, fresh finish

Flama d’Or Cava Brut Imperial

Clean and fresh, combined with notes of long raising in bottle makes this Cava Imperial rich, complex and balanced with a long aftertaste. Smooth and persistent.

Flama d’Or Cava Rose

Bright strawberry and cranberry notes with refreshing bubbles make this 100% Trepat unique and delicious.

Flama d’Or Cava Brut

Intense and vivacious bubbles fill the mouth with elegant notes of green apple. Clean and crisp to the finish.

ERA Prosecco (Organic!)

Fresh, bubbly and light with balanced acidity and body. Hints of peach, green apple and acacia fruits with a long, persistent aftertaste.

Whether you’re headed to the club, a house party, or staying in and ordering Chinese, any of the above options will be a great accessory to your evening. Pour some OJ in your prosecco or a cava on New Years Day and say goodbye to your hangover, HELLO 2017.

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