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6 Money Saving Habits for the New Year

6 Money Saving Habits for the New Year

Now that we’re fully submerged in our resolutions, it’s time to get to the root of all evil: Overspending. Not only is it bad for your budget, the careless money you spend usually goes towards unnecessary things.

Stop buying lunch at work.

We all love a nice big salad made fresh for you, but we could do without spending $10+ on lunch everyday. Wholefoods = Whole payment. The cost it takes to make a homemade Greek salad for 5 days is approximately $10. Plus, meal prepping has your best interest at heart: eating better. The food you buy in restaurants is full of unwanted sodium, butter, and who knows what else. Treat yourself sometimes, but don’t make it a habit.

Money saved per week $50+

Coffee Addicts – Calm Yourself.

USE THE KEURIG IN THE OFFICE. Coffee is meant to caffeinate you, and Dunkin Donuts ice coffee/water is certainly not doing that for you. Save $3-10 a day doing this. And next time you’re craving a latte, just think about how saving 500 calories and $5 could benefit your vacation fund.

Money saved per week – $25-50 (for the true addicts)

Stop Binge Drinking & Buy Wicked Wines

Sometimes a weekend in is good for many reasons: Your wallet, your liver, and your sanity. Have a night in with your friends, buy a few bottles of Wicked (only $6-$10), make some fun snacks and have a dance party or a movie night. Wake up on a Sunday morning before noon and hit the gym!

Money Saved- TOO MUCH

Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need

Don’t jump to buy new clothes until you’ve cleaned out your closet. Eminem’s momma would be proud. Wanna make some money? Bring your clothes to Buffalo Exchange and sell them!

Money EARNED – $5 + up per item

Freeze your gym membership and work out at home.

Go on a run around your neighborhood, then set up a yoga mat in the living room. You can get light weights and resistance bands for under $10 at TJ Maxx. You’ll be surprised how many workouts you can find for free on YouTube.

Money Saved $20-200 per month

Try it out for a month and you’ll be surprised by how much extra cash you have. Not to mention you’ll feel healthy from meal prepping. All the more money to buy Wicked Wines, my pretties!

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