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Our Favorite New England Indoor Activities

Our Favorite New England Indoor Activities

So now that you’re wiped out from trying all of our favorite outdoor winter activities and take it down a notch. I bring you our favorite INDOOR activities in New England. You’ll forget how dreary and cold it is outside while you’re having a blast. And the best part is all of these activities offer adult beverages. It was a cute look to cut back on drinking, but we need our wine.

So, where to first?

Paint Nite

Just to spice up your regular girls night in consisting of drinking wine and eating the carbs you said you wouldn’t, why not add in a full acrylic painting lesson? Paint Nite has locations country wide and the site is super easy to use. Just type in your area and choose from the several locations and options!


Visit New England’s Breweries

I wasn’t kidding when I said that these activities would include drinking. You love beer. You love it soooo much. So why not go see where this blissful liquid is created? New England is home to many local as well as global beer brands. You’ll get to take a tour, experience the brewing process, sample all of the beers, and the best part – most of these breweries are either free or accept a small donation.

  1. Sam Adams – Boston, MA


  1. Wormtown Brewery – Worcester, MA


  1. Wachusett Brewing Company – Westminster, MA


  1. Harpoon Brewery – Boston, MA


  1. Night Shift Brewery – Everett, MA


Save room for all of the bar food! #Cheese #Carbs #Whatdiet?

Coco Key Indoor Water Park– Danvers, MA

This. Place. Is. Lit. The advertisements show quite a few children, but I have no shame. I am twenty-five years old and I love water slides. Whether you have kids or you just want to go with your friends, everyone will have a great time. Like, it’s cold out, lets pretend we’re in a resort in Florida or something? It’s called using your imagination.

I just perused their website and saw the words ‘tropical adult beverage’ and I am more than down. It best have a tiny umbrella in it.


Clay Time

BYOB PEOPLE, I REPEAT BYOB. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. You can literally sign up for a class and bring your own wine and just create stuff. Tonight they’re painting pottery? I’ll bring a bottle of Wicked Cab. Tomorrow they’re creating mosaics? Sounds like a good time for some Wicked Sauv B.


Superlux Movie Theater – Chestnut Hill, MA

“Yes, I’ll have the Korean Sirloin Steak, she will have the Pan Seared Scallops with the Lemon Aioli and we will start with the Tuna Sashimi. Oh, and a bottle of Moet of course.” Where do you think this conversation is being overheard? Abe & Louis? The Capital Grille? Red Lantern? IT’S AT THE MOVIES. THIS COUPLE JUST ORDERED THAT WHILE WATCHING LA LA LAND. I think I’ve said enough. Except that TB12 and Giesele went there once.


Bet you can fit all of this in in one weekend? I double dog dare you. Make sure you have a DD!

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