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Cooler Essentials for a Hot Beach Day

Cooler Essentials for a Hot Beach Day

The only good thing about last weekend’s weather is that it gave us a little more time to perfect our beach bodies. With a dreary Memorial Day behind us, lets hope that warm weather is finally headed our way soon. As soon as that perfect beach day is upon us, make sure you’re prepared to have as much fun as possible – with snacks and drinks! Check out our cooler necessities for your beach day.

1. Wine. Duh.

2. Mason Jars of Sangria. For when the wine is gone.

3.¬†Sandwiches & Wraps. You’ll need them to soak up all of the alcohol.

4. Fruit. Grapes, Watermelon and Strawberries are super refreshing on a hot day!

5. Veggies & Hummus. Cut up some cukes, bell pepper and celery and don’t forget to pick up some of your favorite hummus!

6. WATER. Remember to stay hydrated, especially since you’ll be drinking in the sun! You should really be drinking one cup of water for every alcoholic drink consumed. So bring plenty!

Make sure you pack sunscreen, a football, and your favorite read! Great tan, by the way.

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