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A Superbowl Drinking Game

A Superbowl Drinking Game

New Englanders have several big drinking days a year – St. Patricks Day, Marathon Monday, and Superbowl Sunday – especially if the Pats are playing. So make sure you have plenty of Wicked, and something to take celebration shots with, and follow our Superbowl drinking game below!

1.  When the pats get a TD, shot!

2. Every time Gronk does a “Gronk Spike” take a shot and chug your drink for 3 seconds

3. Every time the camera shows Bob Kraft in the box, chug your drink for 5 seconds

*Bonus shots for Mark Wahlberg appearance

4. Every time the Eagles score, yell ‘BOO!’ and chug for 5 seconds. Option to take a shot to calm nerves

5. Whenever the camera focuses on a fan made sign degrading TB or the Pats, chug your drink for 4 seconds.

Haters gon hate

6. Every time you see TB12 scolding the bench, chug for 3 seconds!

7. If the camera gives us a glimpse of Giselle, chug for 5 seconds

8. In the rare occasion you see Bellichick smiling, take a shot. If you see him but he’s not smiling, chug for 5 seconds

9. Every time Danny “Playoff” Amendola gets a TD, 2 shots!

10. If When the Pats win, GO CRAZY! SHOTS! DRINKS!


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