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Binge Worthy TV Shows & Wine Pairings

Binge Worthy TV Shows & Wine Pairings

Last minute thunderstorms ruin your beach plans? Have a wicked hangover? Need a break from people? We wait all year for these short three months, but whoever said the summer was ‘relaxing’ was wrong. Spending all day in the sun, traveling every weekend, day drinking and all of that socializing gets exhausting. Remember the good days? When you would spend an entire weekend cuddled up binging on the latest Netflix series drinking red wine, eating pizza and standing up the gym? That would be nice for a change wouldn’t it…..

Take a pause from your on-the-go summer life and turn that AC on as low as it goes, and binge on these series, and of course with Wicked!

The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu & Wicked Cabernet Sauvignon

I suggest consuming a hearty glass before beginning the series. Picture modern day Cambridge being taken over by a new government in which women are taken into slavery, given hideous outfits (Alexis Bledel still looking fire tho) and used as surrogates for the upper class families. And thats just part of it. Never a dull moment in Davis Square “Gilead”.

Orange is the New Black, Netflix & Wicked Pinot Grigio

This Pinot is packed with intense citrus, and this season is packed with intense drama. I had been on the edge of my seat since June 2016 with last season’s cliff hanger, so binging through 10 episodes in 36 hours was quite a joy. Haven’t watched before? Lucky for you theres a full 5 seasons stocked on Netflix. As always, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be pissed when you finish and have to wait another year for the next season. #Justice4Poussey

Bloodline, Netflix & Wicked Sauvignon Blanc

I’m just finishing up season one, and lucky for me, this addicting show has a full 3 seasons for me to binge on while sipping on some Sauv B. Family drama, shady business deals, bribery, and lots and lots of secrets and flashbacks will keep you glued to the TV until the leaves start to turn. JK, you can def finish it this weekend. Best of luck!

Big Little Lies, HBO & Wicked Rosé

OK, so this came out in the springtime, but just in case you missed it, you have got to watch this. It’s like Law & Order SVU meets the OC, with a hint of Legally Blonde. Great performances from real OG actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Wanna play a fun drinking game? Chug your Rosé every time you see Reese’s character holding a glass of wine. Cheers, Reese.

Ballers, HBO & Wicked Moscato

This show is the ‘Entourage’ of the NFL scene. ‘The Rock’ stars as a retired NFL player, trying to stay in the scene as a financial manager for current players in Miami. Enjoy a glass of Moscato and kick back – your mind may drift about football season around the corner….

I think I sense a thunderstorm coming up…get binging!

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