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What’s happening?

What’s happening?

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An ELF Drinking Game

December 12th, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

Everyone can argue at what the greatest Christmas movie of all time is – from Home Alone, to a Christmas Story to the Santa Clause. But, being a millennial, I am going to have to strongly push that Elf is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

Since 2003, Elf has been a popular household movie during the holidays – and every year you watch it AT LEAST once. Now that we’re older, I decided that I needed a way to spice up my childhood favorite movie. And what better way to do that than including wine?

This Christmas season, try our Wicked ELF Drinking Game to make things a little more fun! Having a holiday party? Try this to get everything going! Staying in from the cold? Make your night at home a little more festive. Its about to be LIT!

  1. Every time Buddy eats something with sugar, chug for 3 seconds
  2. Every time Buddy mentions “snuggling” take 5 sips of your drink
  3. When Buddy screams “Santa!” take a shot of your choice

  1. The famous “smiling is my favorite” scene – make sure you put a HUGE smile on your face – before chugging your drink for 5 seconds!

  1. Every time Buddy’s dad rolls his eyes/gets annoyed/uncomfortable around Buddy, take a shot
  2. Every time Buddy bursts into song – take a shot!

  1. Every time Buddy gives someone a hug, take 2 sips of your drink

  1. Every time Buddy adds syrup to something, take a sip of your drink

  1. At the end of the movie when everyone realizes Buddy was serious about the whole Santa/North Pole/Elf thing, take 2 shots!

Good luck!



5 Ways to Spike Your Egg Nog

December 5th, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

We’ve already told you how to spike your hot chocolate – but now we have something for all of you eggnog lovers out there. There’s nothing like getting into the holiday spirit without eggnog – or booze for that matter! These recipes are so easy and require barely any ingredients. Cheers!

Eggnog & Bailey’s

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The perfect combination – just add a shot (or two) of Bailey’s to your glass of eggnong. I like to add some cinnamon to the top of the mixture or the rim, and garnish with a cinnamon stick!

Eggnog & Red Wine

This may sound crazy to you – but its actually quite refreshing. Make it into a spritzer – pour a glass of red wine over ice, top with eggnog & club soda. Garnish with fruit slices. Almost an eggnog sangria, if you will. My favorite wine to do this with? Wicked Cab!

Eggnog & Your Favorite Light Beer

An adult version of a root beer float – and just as delicious! Pour your glass with beer about 3/4 of the way. Top the rest with eggnong. Enjoy!

Eggnog & Fireball

The cinnamon taste of fireball goes so well with egg nog – almost completely killing any taste of alcohol the whiskey contains. Just add 1-2 shots of fireball to a glass of eggnog. Garnish with cinnamon and drink up! OPTIONAL: Make this drink into a shot! Add 5 parts fireball, 5 parts eggnog into a shaker with ice. Pour evenly into 10 shot glasses for you and the whole party!

We hope these quick tips help you get through another holiday at your in-law’s. Merry Drinking!




What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

November 26th, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

Thanksgiving is finally over, which means it’s now socially acceptable to blast Christmas Music all day and consume unhealthy amounts of (spiked) eggnog.

And of course – unwinding after a long day of staring at the multiple engagement photos on your facebook feed with a glass of wine and a Christmas movie. 

We know that you’re going to watch all of these this year anyway – but if you HAD to pick, what’s your favorite?

What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

Need some help picking out which wine to drink with all of these movies? We have your Wicked Christmas movies & wine pairings here!

Your Favorite Christmas Movies & Wine Pairings