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What’s happening?

What’s happening?

Welcome to our Wicked Wines Blog! This is where we plan to share our thoughts and keep you updated on everything WICKED. We’ll keep you posted on the latest news, additions to our line, events in town, and announcements about any new PACKYS that carry our product. Or, we may just share whatever is on our mind.

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A Red Sox vs. Yankees Drinking Game

August 10th, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

We’re all happy when the Sox are in first place – and what better way to celebrate that by rubbing it right in the faces of the Bronx Bombers?

The Red Sox – Yankees rivalry is one of Boston’s most cherished past times – and this weekend we have three games to look forward to.

We know you’ll be drinking heavily, especially since it’s the Yankees, and it’s the weekend, so we’ve created a drinking game for you!

You’ll need your drink of choice – we recommend Sam Adams, bc #Boston, or Wicked Rosé because one time we met Jason Varitek’s wife and she really liked it.

You’ll also need something to take shots with, Fireball, Tequila, Vodka? IDK just have something chilled and on deck and ready to go.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Every time the Red Sox get a base hit – drink for one second
  2. Every time the Red Sox get a double – drink for two seconds
  3. Every time the Red Sox get a triple – drink for three seconds
  4. Every time the Red Sox get a HOME RUN – SHOT!
  5. Every time we catch an out in the outfield – drink for one second
  6. Every time we get a Yankee out on the base, drink for two seconds
  7. Every foul ball hit by the Yankees – drink for three seconds
  8. Every Yankee we strike out – SHOT
  9. Chug for 5 seconds after “Take me Out to the Ballgame” is over
  10. If the Red Sox win – SHOT!
  11. If the Red Sox lose……….two shots 🙁

GO SOX! #YankeesSuck


Victoria’s Secret x Wicked

August 3rd, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

We already know that you LOVE Wicked Wines – but guess who else does?

Stella Maxwell, along with many of the other Victoria’s Secret Angels!

Victoria’s Secret recently launched a new fragrance called Wicked! Of course they wanted to collaborate with none other than THE Wicked Wines to get the Angels excited about this new fragrance!

We made a special reserve from Napa Valley exclusively for the angels – and you can try some too! Visit our website to locate where you can pick up some Wicked Cab

Store Locations

We promise that once you’re a bottle deep, you’ll feel just like an angel:




Our Favorite Outdoor Bars

July 25th, 2017 / Julie McCarthy / 0 comments

Time is running out – it’s almost August and the summer has slipped away from us yet again. Now is the time to soak up the last of those sunny summer days – and what better way to do that than drinking adult beverages outdoors? Check out our favorite outdoor bars in Boston and start planning your next few outdoor outings while you still can! #Soakupthesun

The Landing at Long Wharf

Located right on the docks, the Landing at Long Wharf is a perfect place to sit outside and split a giant fishbowl with coworkers or grab a drink before going on any of the harbor tours Boston has to offer (I highly suggest the Codzilla – especially after a beverage or two). Hang on tight!



Legal Harborside

We all know and love Legal Seafoods – so if you haven’t checked out the Harborside location yet – you’re in for a treat! With several floors of large outdoor space overlooking the harbor, including lots of lounge space on the roof, that chowder will taste 10x better. Add a cocktail and an appetizer (or boat of sushi???) sit back and enjoy!


Rooftop at Revere

Buy a $20 day pass or get a big group together and rent a cabana – either way you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a tropical destination right in the center of downtown Boston. With a healthy list of cocktails, wines and bites all at the reach from your lounge chair, you’ll feel no need to go anywhere else.



Enjoy fresh New England flavors amongst the vast menu alongside a specialty cocktail or glass of wine on the terrace of Tamo, located inside the Seaport Hotel. During the weekends, come spend your night out listening to Vinyl DJ as you watch the sun set on the harbor. #Drinkswithaview



Speaking of drinks with a view…

The Envoy is a great place to come, day or night.  Just make sure someone has an iPhone 7 in the group, you’ll want to utilize portrait mode up here for sure. Martini, anyone?


Hurry up – there aren’t many weekends left of the summer – and you’ve gotta make it to all five. Cheers!