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An ELF Drinking Game

An ELF Drinking Game

Everyone can argue at what the greatest Christmas movie of all time is – from Home Alone, to a Christmas Story to the Santa Clause. But, being a millennial, I am going to have to strongly push that Elf is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

Since 2003, Elf has been a popular household movie during the holidays – and every year you watch it AT LEAST once. Now that we’re older, I decided that I needed a way to spice up my childhood favorite movie. And what better way to do that than including wine?

This Christmas season, try our Wicked ELF Drinking Game to make things a little more fun! Having a holiday party? Try this to get everything going! Staying in from the cold? Make your night at home a little more festive. Its about to be LIT!

  1. Every time Buddy eats something with sugar, chug for 3 seconds
  2. Every time Buddy mentions “snuggling” take 5 sips of your drink
  3. When Buddy screams “Santa!” take a shot of your choice

  1. The famous “smiling is my favorite” scene – make sure you put a HUGE smile on your face – before chugging your drink for 5 seconds!

  1. Every time Buddy’s dad rolls his eyes/gets annoyed/uncomfortable around Buddy, take a shot
  2. Every time Buddy bursts into song – take a shot!

  1. Every time Buddy gives someone a hug, take 2 sips of your drink

  1. Every time Buddy adds syrup to something, take a sip of your drink

  1. At the end of the movie when everyone realizes Buddy was serious about the whole Santa/North Pole/Elf thing, take 2 shots!

Good luck!


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