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Our Favorite Wine Regions of Spain

Our Favorite Wine Regions of Spain


Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world. With an abundance of grape varieties from the cooler climates in the North, to the dry climates in the South, Spain is able to make an assortment of different wines.


Check out our three top picks of wine regions in Spain. If you can’t get to Spain anytime soon, try some of our wines produced there!


Penedès, Spain


Most Popular Wine: Cava

Location: Catalonia, Mideast Spain, Bordering the Mediterranean Sea

Wineries You Should Visit: Celler Mas Vincenc, Codorniu, Bodegas, Torres

Wines to Try From Global Wine Inc:

Flama d’Or Cava Brut: Intense and vivacious bubbles fill the mouth with elegant notes of green apple. Clean and crisp to the finish.

Flama d’Or Cava Rose: Bright strawberry and cranberry notes with refreshing bubbles make this 100% Trepat unique and delicious.

Penedès is known to be one of the most historical wine regions in the world. There are chardonnay vines that trace back to 6th century BC! Up until the 19th century, this region primarily produced red wines – until French vineyards suffered the Phylloxera plague. This plague wiped out a majority of the red grapes, leaving the region full of mostly white grapes. As a result, Cava was born.



Galicia, Spain


Most Popular Wine: Albarino

Location: Northeast Spain, Bordering Portugal

Wineries You Should Visit: Terras Gauda, Santiago Ruiz, Adegas Valminor

Wines to try from Global Wines Inc:

El Brazo Albarino: Clean and bright with high intensity at the nose. Very fragrant, fruity, floral, and subtle with fresh flavors of peach, pineapple and apricot. Persistent and powerful in the mouth from start to finish.

With it’s cooler, rainy climate and Irish culture, Galicia is dissimilar to the rest of Spain. The wine, like the region, is not your stereotypical “Spanish”. The area is famous for producing blended wines, such as Albarino. Some would categorize Galicia’s wine style similar to that of Portugal.


La Mancha, Spain


Most Popular Wine: Tempranillo, Grenache

Location: South of Madrid, in the provinces of Toledo, Cuenca, and Albacete

Wineries You Should Visit: Pago del Vacario, Dionisos, Bodegas Castiblanque

Wines to try from Global Wines Inc:

Wicked Tempranillo: This earthy Tempranillo is the dryest of the line. It is smooth and lush with hints blackberry. Wicked easy to pair with tapas, fried appetizers, pork and roasted entrees.

Wicked Grenache: Wicked food friendly, our Grenache is comparible to a Pinot Noir. Its juiciness and lush red fruit flavors mingle gorgeously with grilled and smoked meats. *Also tasty chilled!

La Mancha is currently the largest continuous vine-growing region in the world. Being almost directly in the center of Spain, the dry, flat terrain along with a great amount of sunlight is an ideal area to grow.


With Spaniards drinking on average about 6 gallons of wine a year to America’s low average of 3 gallons, you better catch up. Salud!


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