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Hey again! It’s me, your wineo in Italy!

Hey again! It’s me, your wineo in Italy!

Hey again! It’s me, your wineo in Italy! I’ve successfully completed my first month overseas and I wanted to check in (and to update you about my food and wine tour of course!) After traveling all over Italy, from Venice to the Amalfi Coast, I may have tasted more wine than a connoisseur. That being said, I have learned a few great tips along my img_2252travels!

  1. You can’t go wrong with a wine made in Italy. No matter the price, size, shape or color… you’re going to be drinking something you enjoy (key point…PRICE… price and wine don’t always go hand in hand. Grab something in your budget and your expectations will surely be surpassed!).
  2. Pasta, pizza, panini, bread. Pasta, pizza, panini, bread. Pizza, pasta, panini, bread…. Or should I just say carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs. Yes, it’s true that every way you turn you’ll be tempted to try a new homemade pasta dish. Did you once believe all pasta tasted the same? Think twice. Carbs make up 95% of the meals here in Florence but you’d never believe me when I say you’ll never get sick of the taste of carbs. Each type of pasta is so unique that it keeps you coming back for more.
  3. When it comes to the drinking habits in Italy, many would be surprised. The movies may portray people walk the streets drinking straight out of the wine bottle, but customs here are much different. Drinking is ‘a casual glass of vino’ with practically every meal. I emphasize ‘a glass’ because that’s exactly what happens. It’s in the culture to have one or two glasses (maximum) with most meals. Getting out of control is very frowned upon… so wine makes for the perfect in-between!
  4. Dinning out in Italy takes a bit of time. Make sure you have two to three hours to spare before picking a place for dinner. Eating dinner here is always an event, where in America, we tend follow different customs. Get a glass, sit back and relax!
  5. When picking out the perfect dish for dinner I recommend anything that has the word ‘truffle’ in the description. Start off with your favorite vino (if you’re eating back in the states… try grabbing a bottle of our Wicked Pinot Grigio!) Next stop, antipasto (or in American terms, appetizer). A classic starter would be Prosciutto di Parma con Melone, Bruschetta or a cheese platter. C’mon, who doesn’t like cheese and wine? If your anything like me and enjoy a meal from heaven…you need to order anything that involves the word truffle when picking out your main course. Truffle stuffed ravioli, penne with truffle crème and porcini mushrooms, pizza al tartufo… even truffle sauce on a Panini… you can’t go wrong.

img_5099We’re constantly working hard to bring these tasty flavors back to your dinner table in the states… so after work pick up a bottle of Wicked Wines at your local packie and pair it with your favorite meal!

Thanks for joining us on this journey! Stay tuned for some more WICKED fun updates, tips and tricks that I discover one glass of vino at a time. Let’s be WICKED good friends!

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