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King Richard’s Faire

King Richard’s Faire

Looking for a way to enjoy this weather while sipping on the good stuff and eating your heart out? Forget the brunch place you go every Saturday for overpriced mimosas and rushed Eggs Benedict and try something different – King Richard’s Faire is now in session!

Considered to be the G.O.A.T of renaissance fairs, King Richard’s Faire has plenty of fun for all! Games, Prizes, Rides, Shows, Music, and best of all, FOOD AND WINE! Check out our favorite wine and faire food pairings below!

Wicked Pinot Grigio & a Turkey Leg

John Snow eats turkey legs so you should too. What better to wash down a turkey leg than the fresh, bright and packed with intense citrus, green apple, yellow pear and lemongrass, Wicked Pinot Grigio? Not filling enough? Try the Giant Stuffed Baked Potato – another pinot, please!

Wicked Rosé & Apple Crisp

Last I heard it was 80 degrees out which means Rosé season is still in session, people. Keep it sweet with some Apple Crisp – yum!

Wicked Pinot Noir & Baker’s Mac & Cheese

Let’s indulge, shall we? It is fall after all, which means carbs and red wine. Also, the mac and cheese has bacon. You’re welcome.

Kelsey Sparkling & Fishe n’ Chips

Did you know Fish and Chips are originally from England? Me neither, I thought Legal Seafood invented them. You have to try the fish & chips at the faire – and you must have a glass (or a few) of the Kelsey Sparkling!

Visit King Richard’s Faire, open until Columbus Day!


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