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Meet Kelsey: There’s a New Sparkling Wine in Town

Meet Kelsey: There’s a New Sparkling Wine in Town

Andre who? Have you met Kelsey? She’s exquisite, bubbly, peachy, extra fresh, a little sweet and a real crowd pleaser. Kelsey makes the BEST cocktails. I’m talking, of course, about our new Kelsey Sparkling Brut! The best option to make a sparkling cocktail with (or to enjoy on its own!) – and the retail price is under $10! We’ll keep you posted on where to purchase.

Bring Kelsey for brunch – she gives a mimosa that extra pizzazz. Just top with your favorite OJ and drink up. More bacon, please!

Or try a Bellini:

In a mixing glass or bowl, stir 4.5 oz of chilled Kelsey Sparkling Brut with 1 oz of Peach Puree. Drizzle 1/2 oz of Raspberry Liquer, and pour into a champagne flute.

Or wash down that Greek Frittata with an Aperol Spritz.

In a pitcher, combine a bottle of Kelsey with a bottle of Aperol and 3/4 a bottle of seltzer. Pour over glasses of ice and garnish with an orange slice. Thanks, Kels!

Kelsey just brought a new meaning to brunch. You will have all of the laughs, the fun, the food. And best of all, Kelsey will prevent any case of the Sunday Scaries. Happy Brunching!

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