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Rosé, The Summertime Wine

Rosé, The Summertime Wine

When it hits May, it’s time for Rosé! Did you know that Rosé is actually a French word meaning Pinkish? Or how about the fact that Rosé is actually supposed to be dry, not sweet?GWI rose wines

Red wine is made by leaving the skin of the crushed grapes with the juices as opposed to Rosé, where the skins are actually separated from the juices to give the wine a drier taste! In more simple terms, Rosé is a baby red wine created for all of you guys who like fruity flavors without the overpowering sweetness. We have spent a multitude of hours training each employee at Global Wines about the specifics of each and every wine we import. A few of our new-bee interns at the office have gotten a kick out of some misconceptions so we wanted to bring the fun facts to you. Some may call it informative but others call it ‘wine for dummies’, whatever it may be; here are a few facts and photos to quickly turn you into a wine-o:

First things first…

  1. Rosé is NOT a type of grape.
  2. Rosé is NOT made by mixing red wine and white wine.
  3. White Zinfandel is NOT Rosé (Rosé can, however; be made from the grape, Zinfandel).

Rosé is growing more and more popular within the U.S. — during the summertime you can walk into any given liquor store and the shelves are lined with Rosé!

  1. For an earthier, savory taste, the Rosé may be aged longer and released later.
  2. Rosé is paired best with seafood and light appetizers.
  3. The most famous and “mecca” Rosé wine region is in Provence, Southern France – but you can source Rosés from all around the world!

Global Wines has five different Rosés in its portfolio. Brands include: Le Versant, Vallee des Pins, Monte Fuscaz, Wicked and ERA Organic.

Le Versant Grenache Rosé is a pale pink color with a delicate, sweet taste with notes of red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry combined with floral aromas.

ERA organic is sourced from Italy and is made with Montepulciano grapes. This Rose is fresh and fruity with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a flowery bouquet.

Vallee des Pins Rosé has intense notes of strawberry and raspberry with subtle hints of guava. The palate is fresh and clean, emphasizes ripe red fruits with perfectly balanced acidity. This specific Rosé is our Provence Rosé and is one of our favorites!

Monte Fuscaz Rosé has a bright pink color with aromas of wild berries and floral hints. It has a fresh taste with good acidity and a lasting finish.

Last but not least, is our Wicked Fresh Rosé. This wine is fun and fresh with cherry, strawberry and citrus flavors with berry bright aromas. It is beautifully balanced with a crisp, refreshing, and round finish of red fruits and is bottled in Spain.

Stop by Big Vins Liquor, Social Wines, Mystic Wine Shoppe, Brookline Liquor Mart or Pennies Wine & Spirits to pick up one of our WICKED good tasting Rosés today!

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