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Our Top TV Shows Paired With Our Favorite Wines

Our Top TV Shows Paired With Our Favorite Wines

We’re about halfway through cuffing season, aka Netflix & Chill, aka staying home, cuddling up with someone (in about 30% of cases ‘someone’ may refer to an inanimate object, i.e. a large pepperoni pizza, 1-2 bottles of red wine, a carton of Ben & Jerry’s or all of the above) and binging on a TV series for an entire weekend. Check out our top picks & our favorite wines to watch them with.

The Crown, Netflix & Wicked Pinot Grigio

You’ll be feeling royal after finishing off a bottle of this fresh and citrus-y blend. 1940’s Queen Elizabeth played by Claire Foy straight SLAYS. Buckle up for season two, as Princess Di makes her debut (literally no pun intended, may she rest in peace).

West World , HBO & Wicked Tempranillo

The Wild West is dry, like this wine. Honestly whoever thinks of this stuff is seriously insane/so talented. This place is LIT AF. Like, people vacation in an ‘amusement park’ called West World that is hosted by Robots, and there’s like, no rules??? K. Watch the very intriguing insanity unfold and keep that tempranillo coming.

Love, Netflix & Wicked Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re looking for a light show that is a little more relatable to real life, this is it. It’s a show about thirty-somethings living in LA who love/hate their jobs and suck at relationships. It’s cute! A nice glass of crisp Sauv B flirts nicely with this series.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Netflix & Wicked Cabernet Sauvignon

Lemony Snicket found a way back into your life. These really mature children set of on an adventure to fight their relative who’s name is Olaf (ew) over their family fortune or something, because they need to live lavish like all ten year olds. They also uncover some weird secret society business which gets really interesting. And unlike 5th grade, you can enjoy a glass of wine while indulging in this fascinating story.

The Bachelor, ABC or Hulu & Wicked Rosé

Will you accept this Rosé? This isn’t something you can necessarily binge on, but every Monday, please tune in and watch this insane human Corinne take naps while the other girls shovel manure. You cannot make this stuff up. Does anyone else think that Nick Viall looks like this dog?

Remember to stock up, especially if you’re planning on finishing an entire series in one weekend. I finished Love last weekend and didn’t leave the apartment for two days. I now challenge you.

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