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How to Have a Wicked Snow Day

How to Have a Wicked Snow Day

Now that the holidays are over and there’s nothing to look forward to until Memorial Day, (unless you’re lucky enough to have a vacation planned somewhere warm) Mother Nature decides that now is the perfect time to go all out. I’m talking freezing temperatures and an insane amount of snow. When we were kids this meant EVERYTHING TO US. No school! Now as adults, it means we can’t run our errands and are stuck with cabin fever. I’m going to tell you how you can bring back that excitement you had as a child, with a little adult fun.

Stock up on alcohol.

Get plenty of wine, beer and make a fun cocktail! There’s nothing like a Snow Day Bloody Mary in your PJ’s. Then move on to a glass (bottle) of Wicked Cabernet Sauvignon. Any of our red wines will warm you right up!

Start a TV series.

Haven’t seen The Crown on Netflix yet? Finish the whole season in one day! When else would you be able to accomplish such a goal? For whatever show you end up starting, think of a fun drinking game you could play while watching. Watching Narcos? Chug every time someone says “Pablo.”

Get all of the snacks.

Hit up the Trader Joes Freezer aisle the day before a storm and stock up on the three main food groups of a snow day: Carbs, Cheese, Carbs.

My personal favorites include:

  • Frozen Spinach Dip with Pita Chips
  • Any and all of the Frozen Pizzas
  • Dumplings
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Mac & Cheese Balls
  • Crab Rangoons
  • Orange Chicken

Just to name a few… <3

Play a fun game.

Charades is an underestimated game. Depending on how many people you’re stuck inside with, this game could get very interesting. Wait until you’re about 3-4 drinks deep to begin.

Get outside!

If, and only if, the snowing has slowed and you’re able to bare the elements (the wine should help should you have any doubts)….go play in the snow! Sledding, snow angels, snowball fights are all a great way to kill off any claustrophobia and boredom. Especially when you have a hot tottie in your thermos. Weeee!

After reading this, I bet you’re hoping to get snowed in! What a better excuse to drink and binge watch TV, eat badly, and act like a child. Pass the mac and cheese balls and Wicked Wines, por favor.

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