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What Your Wine Choice Says About You

What Your Wine Choice Says About You

As many men say; women are the most mysterious, complicated, complex living beings to ever walk this planet… so how is just one wine flavor going to suite every woman’s fancy? Well, it’s not.

Whether you’re a red wine-o or a white wine lover, each varietal says a little something different about your personality. While all women have distinct qualities that stand apart from each other, so do the wines that she loves so much.

Take a deeper look into what your favorite flavor says about you!


  • Wicked Chardonnay– If you always find yourself resorting back to the bottle of Chard, you already know that you’re a creature of habit. Fond of the nicer things in life, you treat yourself to a mani/pedi on a weekly basis. Your friends may rag on you for your daily schedule, but you know you’ll never be late for an appointment.
  • Wicked Sauvignon Blanc– Lovers of Sauv Blanc are still a little reserved when it comes to social settings and public speaking but find themselves open to trying new and adrenaline pumping activities. Sky diving and taking part in a Polar Plunge are a few things on the top of your bucket list.
  • Wicked Pinot Grigio– When it comes time to host an event or just throw a neighborhood party, everyone comes to you for help. You’re a high-energy go-getter and know just the right places to find a deal. Many people who cross paths with you may say you’re like a breath of fresh air, just like your favorite type of wine; light and refreshing.
  • Wicked Moscato– Ah yes, the girl who doesn’t LOVE wine (yet) but wants to participate in the girls ‘wine nights on Tuesday’. You’re a beginner in the wine scene and are open to stepping out of your comfort zone. On week days after work you can be found watching The Office or Friends a few hours longer than you probably should be.
  • Wicked Shiraz– The girl who always knows the inside scoop, the deets on the drama and the first person invited to a weekend bash. You’re the party girl in the group and proud to say it. Who wants another glass?
  • Wicked Cabernet Sauvignon – Before making a decision [even if it’s just to buy that purse you’ve been longing to have in your own grasp] you research, weigh your options and talk about the decision with someone important to you. You plan ahead, give excellent advice and are one of the most secure friends a girl can have.
  • Wicked Merlot – For a book worm who needs a break. You may find yourself heading home from the library an hour or so before anticipated to treat yourself to an early glass. Boys may find you a little intimidating but none the less, you’re a confident woman who don’t need no man!
  • Wicked Grenache – The adventurous one, the ‘know what you want’, the ‘go getter’, the ‘risk taker’. If your friends are looking to drive across country or buy last minute Cali tickets, you’re the one they call. Down to move around without a plan, you’re the perfect side kick for any adventure.
  • Wicked Rosé – If you’re ordering Rosé people may think you’re the queen of basic – but don’t let the pink fool you. You’re trendy, social and love to have a good time at happy hour. With your frequent habit of sleeping in, brunch is by far your favorite meal of the day.
  • Wicked Tempranillo – Prioritizing your week is a must. You find yourself having traveled the world but planned every day in advance. You’re well rounded and mature… and possibly looking to settle down soon…

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