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Wine of the Month: Vinho Verde

Wine of the Month: Vinho Verde

44c5047e-dbd4-4274-ac94-c45953567ddfListen. Summer’s far from over. There are plenty of other patio boozy brunches to enjoy with your classic libations: think Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and the old faithful, Screwdriver. Here’s a little tip for something you may not have tried that’s been hiding within the cocktail menu: Vinho Verde.

Vinho Verde is a white wine, with a slight but refreshing “fizz” produced from selected grapes with controlled temperature fermentation. It is also from the region in Portugal called Vinho Verde… [meaning green wine!]

Our Casal de Sofia Vinho Verde is imported from Portugal and has flavors of apple, lime and peach, with a persistent and refreshing aftertaste. It pairs perfectly with any seafood dish since it’s a light, fruity and young beverage.

Even if you don’t identify with your wine-o friends, this is a WICKED easy starter. Drink it on its own or mix it to make a fun cocktail (for any time of the day)! Some of our favorites are a Vinho Verde Sangria and a Vinho Verde Lemonade. Top any drink with fresh fruit to make your afternoon even tastier!

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