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Our Favorite Wine Regions of Italy

Our Favorite Wine Regions of Italy


Italy is home to some of the oldest wine vineyards in the world, and is currently the largest producing wine country. The Romans were the first to perfect the art of wine making and preservation, such as barrel making and bottling with corks.

Several different regions of climate and terrain allow the country to produce a variety of different wines, from red to white to sparkling. Here’s a run down on our three favorite regions, along with the wine they produce!



Most Popular Wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Location: Central Italy, bordering the Adriatic Sea

Wineries You Should Visit: Cantina Tollo, Casal Thaulero, Casal Bordino, and Citra

Wines to Try From Global Wine Inc:

  • ERA Organic Montepulciano A full-bodied, certified organic Montepulciano, loaded with black cherry and plum fruits, sweet oak and a nice, peppery spice.
  • Sfizio Montepulciano A fun twist on the classic Montepulciano with a deep color and a full-bodied taste.

The mountainous terrain of Abruzzo protects the wineries from major storms, and also contributes to a stunning view. More than 42 million cases are produced annually, making it the fifth largest wine region in Italy.



Most Popular Wine: Pinot Grigio and Prosecco

Location: Northeast Italy

Wineries You Should Visit: Tommasi Viticoltori, OnePiò Winery, Venissa, Tenute Ugolini

Wines to Try From Global Wine Inc:

  • Wicked Pinot Grigio Fresh, bright and packed with intense citrus, green apple, yellow pear and lemongrass
  • Borgo del Col Alto Prosecco Crisp and delicate with fruity notes of banana and apple. Bright, bubbly & delicious!

Veneto, like Abruzzo, is sheltered from harsh weather thanks to the Alps. The cooler climate is better for production of white wines. Also, Veneto is home to the wine “school” Conegliano, and home to the notable wine fair, Vinitaly, takes place in Verona annually.




Most Popular Wine: Barolo

Location: Northwest Italy

Wineries You Should Visit: Paolo Manzone, Ca’ del Baio, Cantina del Glicine, Azienda Agricola Taliano Michele

Wines to Try From Global Wine Inc:

  • Alessandro Rivetto Barolo Garnet red in color with orange reflections. It has a pleasant, intense, ethereal aroma. On the palate it is austere but velvety, robust and balanced. Overall, its an elegant wine with soft and sweet tannins.
  • Alessandro Rivetto Barolo de Serralunga Garnet red color and orange tones, ethereal and pleasant scent. Austere yet smooth, strong and well-balanced. Elegant, with soft and sweet tannins.

The alps often cast a fog into the valley, contributing to the production of the Nebbiolo grape, used to make Barolo and Barbaresco. The name ‘Nebbiolo’ gets its name from the Piedmontese word ‘nebbia’ which is the word for ‘fog.’

Panorama collinare con vigneti

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, be sure to plan to stop by one of these regions to get the full experience of Italian wines. The wine is great, and that view wouldn’t be so bad either! Cheers!

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