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Wineo of the Week

Wineo of the Week

Hi Guys! My name is Katheryn DeMarey and I wanted to introduce myself as the ‘wine-o’ behind the blog… or some
just refer to me as the Global Wines’ Marketing Intern. Yes, that’s right; you’ve been eagerly awaiting our weekly blog posts from… an intern. I attend Quinnipiac University, have a passion for marketing and am about to embark on the trip of a life time.

1175288_566473033409036_1042901704_nThis summer I have had the chance to work with an incredible marketing team [thank you Devon and Kelsey for such a great experience!], learn skills that elsewhere I may not have had the chance, and, attend some WICKED cool events that have totally made my friends jealous [like meeting Boston heroes Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield and Shawn Thornton and attending Boston Calling as a VIP].

In approximately 8 days you can find me boarding a plane to Italy to settle into my home country for the next four months. Our weekly blog updates will continue on but this time from the other side of the map. You’ll still be kept up to date on our events and Boston happenings – but I will also be keeping you up to date on my European wine (and food) tour.

This fall I will be attending ISI [short for International Studies Institute] located in Florence, Italy. Living in an apartment in the center of it all, I will be working hard to bring you the latest and greatest meal reviews, wine tastings and vineyard inside information to keep your mouth’s watering.

If you’re interested in following my adventures outside of Italy and throughout the rest of Europe, follow my personal blog https://kdemarey.wordpress.com/ or even find me on Instagram @katedemarey

Let’s be WICKED good friends!

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